Introducing The Stories of Justice Project

A Justice Reskill Initiative

The Stories of Justice is a new project from Justice Reskill that aims to tell the stories of justice-involved people and the people that support them across America. Most of the 70 million justice-involved people in our country are everyday citizens, simply trying to support their families, achieve their goals, and leave a positive mark on society. In every one of their stories, we can see themes of compassion, resilience, barriers overcome, and changed hearts and minds. It’s our hope that by providing a platform for people to share their personal stories, we can start to dispel myths and stigmas related to justice involvement and inspire our fellow citizens to take action to repair America’s broken justice system.

To kick off our project, we’re asking people in the justice-involved community—those who have been incarcerated or whose criminal record has disenfranchised them in some way—to sign up to tell their stories. In exchange for sharing your own truths, we promise that every story we capture will be handled with dignity and respect.

Some topics we may cover include:

  • How you were involved with the justice system
  • What injustices you saw or experienced while you were in prison or jail
  • How your criminal record affected your ability to find employment after serving your sentence
  • How your involvement with the justice system impacted the lives of your loved ones
  • How your experience with the justice system changed your way of thinking
  • Your thoughts on how we can work together toward justice reform

If you’re interested in telling your story, please click the link below and fill out the form on the next page. Over the next few months, you can expect to hear from our team with next steps and to schedule an interview.